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Friday, January 23, 2009


So I got this new toy at school. Shouldn't call it that...a new TEACHING TOOL! It didn't work initially(as technology tends to do), but it is up and running now and I am in LOVE with my Promethean Board!
This is new technology that allows you to do everything....EVERYTHING from a touch sensitive smart board. It's like a big blackberry. It has a stylus that looks like a marker and it's plugged into your laptop, the web, speakers, your ipod, a wii....you name it, you can hook it up to this sucker!
Here's what it looks like:

It is mounted to the wall and moves up and down. You can see the projector part is on the arm up above, so it moves with the board. It goes all the way down to 12 inches from the floor, perfect for my little guys to come work on!

Today was my first day with it up and running and my kids were in awe. We played games, drew pictures, moved blocks into graphs, all kinds of stuff! This thing will change teaching forever!! I can build a lesson on a flipchart (a slideshow, like powerpoint), but I never have to leave the board. everythign is accessible right there using my stylus. I can put in video links to the net, sounds, music, matching games, worksheets, books, you name it....it does it.

I went to training yesterday and my head is still spinning thru all the ideas from those 8 hours. Teaching is finally fun again! So glad that I am HAPPY AT SCHOOL!!!!!

Here's what it looks like in action:

I almost forgot!?!?

If you are a geek like me and want to see what this is all about, go to www.promethanplanent.com, or you can visit www.promethanlearning.com to try it out on your home computer and see what the software does.

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Anonymous said...

My sister has had one of these "smart boards" in her classroom for about 2 years now and she too LOVES it. It's so cool to see stuff like this in public schools because it's cutting edge technology and my kids will be using it! Exciting!
PS-Sarah found out she's having a girl today. ;)