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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

nothing new

Nothing new to report. Looking forward to christmas, and starting a running list of all that needs to get done before the baby arrives!
1. register at the hospital

2. pick a pediatrician

3. take a birthing class

4. tour the birthing center

5. buy a mattress

6. register for gifts

7. research what I want for said gifts

8. get shower dates nailed down

9. etc etc etc

In the meantime...Any adivce on mattresses, car seats, high chairs, strollers, etc would be appreciated. And here's my belly at 27 weeks. :)


Lauren said...

Advice for stuff Graco and Chicco are the best brands for the infant seat. We have a subscription to Consumer reports if you want to do any research on the best rated brands.

Raina said...

You look so cute!

Here's my advice on high chairs--they're unnecessary. You can get a feeding seat that goes into a regular chair for much cheaper, and they are portable. They take up less space and can be used as a booster chair when your kiddo outgrows the high chair. We've never owned a full-size high chair, and never missed it!

Noel Green said...

I am quite a novice, but I thought I'd share my 2 cents:

1. We have a Chicco seat and we LOVE it; BUT, it does not have the little notches that allow it to fit on a grocery cart. Now, you may be like me and feel more comfortable with it down in the cart anyway, but I do think it's important to know.

2.I strongly suggest you try a swaddle or at least a sleep sack (like Halo).

3. I know you didn't ask for this,but I suggest you get 'private' birthing classes. Noel and I did this and it was INVALUABLE. Our instructor, a doula, covered everything and we didn't have to deal with "that" annoying couple in class. She was our hypnosis instructor, too, so it worked out perfectly for our needs. But she would have done just one or the other. It was affordable and she came to our house! Best money we spent beforehand.

You're looking wonderful!

Chad, Jennifer, and Hudson said...

Get the baby bargains book and buy what they tell you. I read it cover to cover. It takes time but I feel better knowing I didn't pay too much, but just enough to get what's best to keep my baby safe. I'm a crazy mom, though... :) It's fun.

Michelle said...

Glad that Thig told you about Baby Bargains. That is what I was going to tell you to do. It is like a consumer reports...but written by parents with info from parents. I have found it really helpful. You look way too cute!!

Anonymous said...

I have tons of advise, but it looks like you've got plenty here so I won't write you a book. I most definitely agree with Raina about the high chair though! Are y'all coming to LBK for Christmas?

Lauren said...

Ditto what Raina said about high chairs. Also, we love our Britax car seats, although we got them when our kids were a little older. I had a Graco infant seat and it worked great for us.

Wendy said...

I had a Graco car seat and stroller. Still use the stroller, it's awesome. Make sure the stroller is easy to collapse with one hand and not too heavy. I used a highchair with both kids and loved it. I also recommend a changing table (you may already have one). I didn't use one with the first baby but did with the second one. It was much easier to have one!

The Giles Family said...

I agree with the book Baby Bargains. It was my buying bible. Also agree with the no highchair. Takes up way too much room.