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Monday, May 05, 2008


Many of you know that when I first moved here I attended church with Melanie at North Richland Hills Church of Christ. Yes, it WAS big. Yes, I DID feel lost in the crowd. But it was also a place that let me explore being a leader and find where to belong within a congregation. I left there 3 ½ years ago to be with my sweetheart at Woodland West. I didn’t know that I would end up at RHCC again many years later.

RHCC is a great place if you are in need of help. And right now, I am! My good friend Amy and I joined a support group last week at RHCC. It is called the Hannah Group and it is for girls suffering with infertility or miscarriage. If you know anyone in that category, get them out here to Hannah Group! We have only been once, but it has already been a huge blessing to both of us.

I have a “friend” (I’ve never actually met her) named Taylor. She has been through infertility and now has a baby on the way. Unfortunately, little Nathan has a rare affliction called Trisomy 13. He will never see his house because IF he is born, he will only live a precious few minutes. Taylor is one of those amazing people who seem to have faith despite all odds. Her story, emails, blogs and friendship daily brings me encouragement and hope.

Last night she had a post that absolutely changed me. She was talking about Narnia and how Lucy explains to Mr. Tumnus that Aslan is not a tame lion. And she goes on to explain how God is not tame, but is always good and faithful. But here is what really stuck with me…she said she feels like she is walking in the rain. No sunshine. No happiness. In fact, she can’t remember the last time she felt happy. (been there!) But she says when she stops to think that Jesus actually DIED for her…she can’t feel sorry for herself. In her words, “Christ didn’t go to the cross with a smile on his face either. But the SON did rise again.”

These past few days have felt normal for the first time in a long time. I know the pendulum will swing again soon, but for now I am content and that’s enough. We have decided to go ahead with InVitro and pray that God allows that 30% to be an afterthought for us. If he wants us to adopt, we will. I feel really good about that option too.

Continue to pray for us. And if you are interested, read Taylor’s Blog. She’ll strengthen your faith, just as she does mine. http://tstapes.blogspot.com/


Tanya Wilson said...

Hey love! So, I've been checking your blog everyday for the past couple of weeks and it showed you haven't blogged since the 16th... I was getting a little bored! And so today I was suprised that you've actually been blogging... it just didn't want me to see it!
Anywho, I went to Taylor's blog and started crying as I was reading it. Then went to Sara's blog (who she was blogging about) and cried even more. Man, so sad but these are amazing women! It is very inspiring! See you tomorrow night a softball??

Leilanni said...

Yay for Hannah group!!! I saw Holly today and she told me you had been. You may not know that Brad and I attended RHCC the first 5 years we were married and LOVED it. I went to Hannah when it first started up. Very hard - it made the problem seem very real all of a sudden - but I met some amazing women. In fact the 4 of us who went regularly all ended up conceiving within a month of each other. How's that for a God thing? Two through IVF, one through IUI and one with meds. there were something like 17 years of infertility between the 4 of us. So hang in there. I know it's hard. Anyway - you probably met Sheila then . . .amazing, godly woman. So, so glad you are going to this group. Praying for you!

Chad & Jennifer said...

That is truly one of the awesome things about RHCC...the large size gives it the financial ability and numbers of volunteers and participants to support so many ministries. We miss it for sure. I truly believe there is a reason for everything God does and one day we will finally understand...either on earth or after.