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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Blessed Weekend...sort of...

This past weekend I got to spend time with my best pals...Jeremy, Jamie and Brent. We flew Brent in from Charlotte since Saturday was going to be a rough one for him. Jeremy and I have both had our own share of struggles lately as well, so we comiserated, laughed, and enjoyed the wonderful friendships God has blessed us with in eachother.
We travelled to Seguin to see Jeremy's directorial production of CINDERELLA. Even tho I missed over half of it (dumb Austin traffic), it was still ADORABLE!
We ate BBQ in one of Texas Monthly's top ranked joints, saw Indiana Jones (yipes!) and sang at the top of our lungs to random songs from each ipod in the car. GREAT fun!

Oh! And check out the Super Awesome gift Jamie and Brent made for "Mr. Hailey" from all of us. With 4th grade craftsmanship like this, how could he NOT be honored?!?!?
It says: JEREMY Always Remember To dream dance sing play imagine

Now, real low point of the weekend....Friday night my throat starts to feel swollen. Take some ibuprofen. Feel better. Can't breathe real well and don't sleep much tho. Saturday we go in and get me some allergy medicine and throat lozanges. I progress thru the day having more and more difficulty swallowing and feeling like my throat is closing up. Sunday I can't stand it any more. I tell the gang "I want to go home" as I fight tears welling up. I'm pretty certain it's Strep Throat. (remember our first encounter with that, Mel?) I leave immediately (and tearfully as I am not yet ready to say goodbye to my friends AND can't even hug them since I assume I'm contagious.) I drive 4 hours home and straight to the doctor. Yep. Strep. I get 2 perscriptions and go straight to bed. OH! But we are having a bon voyage party for my friend Tanya who is leaving for Japan on Monday at my house that night! WHAT??? Joe, bless his heart, did everything. He cleaned, he cooked, he hosted. I said hello, sat pathetically a little away from our friends and went to sleep while everyone was still here. Oh...and I cried 2 more times. Once at the pharmacy and once when I told our friends I have Strep. I must have been really sick to cry so much. But now I'm on the mend and back to work. 8 more school days!!!

One more thing. In my support group we read something that applies as much to me as it does to Brent or Jeremy or any of us facing difficult things in life. I wanted to share it with you all too. It's a quote about the sovereignty of God.
"His plan includes all promotions and demotions. His plan can mean both adversity and prosperity, tragedy and calamity, ecstasy and joy. It envelops illness as much as health, perilous time as much as comfort, safety, prosperity and ease. His plan is at work when we cannot imagine why, because it is so clear and pleasant. His sovereignty, though it is inscrutable, has dominion over all handicaps, all heartaches, all helpless moments. It is at work through all disappointments, broken dreams, and lingering difficulties. And even when we cannot fully fathom why, He knows. Even when we cannot explain the reasons, He understands. And when we cannot see the end, He is there, nodding, "Yes, that is My plan."


Jake and Tanya Wilson said...

So are you feeling better now??
Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog!! SO WHAT IS THE GOOD NEWS?!?!?

Holly said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I could have used that last paragraph when Tony and I went through such a hard time with Will's health. Thank you.

Noel and Celeste said...

That was / is a great little quote at the end there! Gonna make sure Celeste reads it too! Very encouraging!!!