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Friday, April 25, 2008

rough day

chances of InVitro ever working for us? 25-30%
not feeling great about things
joe's worse
not real sure where we go from here
keep praying that God opens a door somewhere and that we can find the handle and be brave enough to walk thru


Noel and Celeste said...

Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear this. We're praying for you and Joe in this for sure!

Just to encourage you again... God is above statistics and percentages and fears and even, dare I say, our hopes! He is Sovereign (with a capital S) and He is providing everything you need... even now.

I was reading in Genesis 29:30 - Genesis 30:2 the other day about Jacob's Rachel and the way that God had closed her womb yet opened Leah's. It's not until Genesis 30:22 that God opens Rachel's womb. That is after at least a few years of Rachel praying and crying to God for children of her own... enough time for many other children to be born to Jacob through Leah and other maidservants. But during it all it was God's power that chose the outcome.

I know that's probably JUST what you wanted to hear today... it's hard to hear... it's certainly hard to say/write. I want only to encourage you and keep reminding you that God loves you and Joe completely and wholly and He does hear you... He is simply answering you and choosing things for you both that don't fit with what we all would wish right now.


Raina said...


I'm so sorry this is such a discouraging path. I'm praying a lot for you and Joe, and while I can't tell you what God's plan is, I can tell you He has one! I will pray for your courage as you figure out where He will have you go.