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Friday, March 14, 2008

how often do you get to have a lingerie shower for yourself?

Once, right? There's that inevitable day when you have your "personal shower" (as some say) and all your friends (and maybe your mother-in-law and her friends too) buy you fun things to wear for your husband.
Well, in college there were a slew of lingerie showers for the engaged girls our senior year, but several of us GATAs were without men in our lives. Someone had the brilliant idea to have a party for all us single gals! We traded names and sizes and everyone brought and got a gift! We played silly shower games and had prizes and all kinds of looney fun!
Now, several years later and a couple years into marriage, I have experienced another of these showers. The young married women at church have been immeasurably blessed to have just completed a study on what God intends for sex in your marriage. We read a book called INTIMATE ISSUES and have spent 12 weeks discovering what God had planned when he first put Adam and Eve together. It's been an incredible study with only one way we could really celebrate its conclusion...a lingerie shower for ourselves!
Wednesday night we held the shower at my house, complete with fondue, games, and random door prizes (a Barry White cd, a belly dancing instructional video, candle and perfume sets, etc.) It was SO FUN! We dedcided it should be an annual event now for our class! These past few weeks have been so wonderful to bond this group of young ladies together that we want to spend more and more time together, and I look forward to what is in store in the upcoming months.
But for now, I am thankful to have all of this newly acquired knowledge and some new lingerie that I didn't buy myself! Girls, if your church is open minded enough to let you do this, it really was a fantastic study. I recommend each of you married ladies read the book, if not study it with a group. It brought out so many issues in each of us and really made us examine our own minds and hearts and what we are willing to give to our husbands. And it has made me so much more aware of the complexity of God and how we are designed so purposefully. We DO serve and awesome Lord!


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Rebecca said...

Very interesting. Your church group sounds great. gotta go, I'm almost out of minutes, here at the internet cafe. Check out the blog to see where we are!

Tanya Wilson said...

"Oh I've never seen one in green before! Oh, it's tangled... well, it's just going to have to stay that way!" ;o)