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Monday, January 29, 2007

this was supposed to be a funny blog

So I had good intent to tell you about how I was dragged up on stage at our church talent show and had to improv like on Who's Line is it Anyway? You know I'm not funny, but apparently, I WAS this time! World's worst preacher? ME. Questions Only? Yeah, I won that too. Even Party Quirks, only MY skit was guessed correctly. So here is a pic from the night I became funny.

That's me bent over laughing. Sorry there's not a better one.

Now the real news. I was in a wreck today. With an illegal immigrant...who has no insurance OR a liscence....who is a parent at my school...who begged me to not call the police. Yeah. Not a good day. Not a bad wreck, but had to call the cops none the less. And poor little RAV. Well, here she is:

I feel so bad for this poor family who can't afford anything anyways, and now she is left with a handful of citations for not following the law. That made this really hard. And that her son leaned out the window while we were talking to yell, "Hey Mrs. Varney!!!"


The Best Family said...

I have always thought you were hilarious, and I could totally see you doing improv like whose line is it anyway! That is great!
Bummer about the wreck.... I am cracking up that the kids was yelling hey to you out the window... I am glad you are ok :-)

Elisa said...

I had a similar experience a couple of years agao - a woman bumped our car in a parking lot, and she had no insurance and was asking me not to report it, too. It's no fun! And I can only imagine how much worse it is that you know them. Sounds like a cute kid.

Congrats on your talent show talent show win!

Jamie said...

Glad you are OK. Can't believe you got into a wreck in DFW with someone you know.