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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Big Boy!

My little man had a monumental week. He started cooing and smiling this week, even got a laugh out of him when Aunt Amy was over on Tuesday! But what I am most proud of happened last night...
Zeke slept in his crib, in his own room!!!
Normally we keep him in the pack n play in our room about 3 feet from me. That makes it easy to get up when he needs food or changing. At his last doctor's apt, the pediatrician instructed me to start working on his bedtime ritual. He said around 1 month old we should be working towards 2 4hr sleep cycles at nite. At 2 months we should be shooting for a 6hr sleeptime, and at 3 months we should be trying for 8. "That sounds amazing!" I said, "How do I do that?" (at that point he was sleeping about 1 1/2- 2 hrs at a time. We were told to let him cry for at least 3 minutes during the nite before picking him up, so he'll learn to go back to sleep. We were also told to get a nighttime plan in motion...same order, same things, same time every nite. When he gets older that will include story and prayer with Daddy, but for now our ritual is Bath, Feeding, Bed with music mobile.
It worked right from the beginning and quickly he was sleeping 4hrs for his first stint at night, then between 2 and 4 for his second stint. It's been a couple of weeks now and he has consistently slept for those times, even when we were in Lubbock. So we decided to try him out in his crib so Daddy can get more sleep and we can have our room back!
I started having him take his morning nap in his crib to get him used to it, and we moved the crib attachment from the pack n play into the crib (just the mat part that he sleeps on), so that he would have something familiar to bedtime. He didn't want to go to sleep, and cried several times when we tried to lay him down, but finally...he crashed and slept for not 4 hrs...but almost 6!!! I think Mom rightly diagnosed why...better mattress = better sleep. Why didn't I think of that? I fed him again and he went right back to sleep for another 3 hours. Good boy! We are so proud!!!


amy said...

Yay ZEKE! You're such a big boy and I bet Mommy & Daddy appreciated the much needed rest!! Uncle Brian and I are so very very proud of YOU! LOVE YOU!

Rebecca said...

Congrats! I will be referring back to this post when it's our time to start a sleep pattern!