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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a new experiment

I am getting a lot of good feedback about some of the painting I am working on both here and on facebook so I am going to try a little experiment this summer. I am going to invest $100 into making as many of these "kid art" pieces as possible and see what kind of profit I can turn on etsy.com.

I know NOTHING about selling, marketing, shipping, etc. So I will have much to learn. If any of you have advice, lay it on me, particularly when it comes to shipping. I have no idea how I will ship these things, let alone how much it will cost.

I'll have some more pics up for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Be sure to make a strawberry and a ladybug one! :)

Penny Chapa said...

How much for anything princess? Gabriella's room is hot pink & lime green but she'd love some 'princess' type things up.

Rachel said...

I will draw up some ideas and email them to you. I'm still working out prices. I'll be in Lubbock next week so I can get them to you then if you'll be in town? Did I tell you my folks sold the house? Maybe you can come by and see it one more time!

Lauren said...

Good luck with your experiment! I am sure you will do well with it :)