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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Let's say....

#1 Let's say that Joe and I were thinking of leaving the metroplex. Let's say we're looking around for where to go....what would you suggest? What are some good places in Texas that are close to big cities and have good school systems....Let's say we could work out moving out of state. Where should we be? Where would we find a good church, cooler climate, etc? Give me some advice, and I'll clue you in on the Varney future forecast.

#2 Let's say it was hard to lose weight. (cuz it is). Let's say someone invented a REAL chewing gum like Willy Wonka's that is a 3 course meal. Wouldn't that be awesome! I have realized that I love the flavor of food and am more concerned with the taste than if it is filling. If I could have gum that tasted like foods I love with just a fraction of the calories...that would be awesome! So pass that along to some entrepreneur out there. Oh...and tell the to fix the dessert. Wonka screwed that part up and turned Violet into a blueberry! ("Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!")


Jamie said...

You could always move out my direction! It's hard to get a teaching job here, but you can easily go back to school! The Hill Country? If I was moving out of Texas now I'd go to a big city like NY or Boston, but I don't know if I'd go there if I wanted to start a family.

Where is this coming from?

rdh97j said...

We live in Friendswood, and we have everything we could want without having to drive further than 10 minutes away, but Houston is still close enough to go to any musicals or plays that come to town! The neighborhood that I live in has the best school district of all of the surrounding areas, and there are lots of teachers that go to church with me that would have the inside on several surrounding school districts as well. However, we would not fit the "cooler climate" criteria, but we are close to the beach. We walk to church because it is so close and we really like it there.

Elisa said...

TX: I like the Hill Country too, or somewhere nearby. My parents live in New Braunfels, which I think is a pretty place - good schools - my mom likes teaching there and they have a good church family. Boerne seems nice to me, too. Very near San Antonio, but its own little town. Out of Texas: Near St. Louis. Great climate and beautiful landscape. Near enough to drive home in one, very long day. (I hope our next move will be to that area.)Do you have the moving bug? I like thinking about the possibilities.

ndossey said...

Hey girl! I'm usually a lurker, but you've asked a great question. We are living in Round Rock--best part of Texas as far as I am concerned. Austin is only 15-20 minutes away and the surrounding area is fun and really nice. Also, I think it is a more relaxed area of Texas. Being from Boston if you can deal with the cold then it is a great place to live. Alex and I moved to Bellingham, WA (north of Seattle) after we left ACU and LOVED it. I'd move back someday. Ocean AND mountains there. Beautiful. We worked for a great Chrisitan company there, but the area is very unchurched so it is a different feel then Texas, but a fun adventure.

Hope all is well with you!!

Nicole (Carter) Dossey

ABL said...

I've only been to round rock once, but i would agree with Nicole- it seems like a great area, if you have to be in texas that is. I personally prefer the REAL south- my good ole home state of TN. I'm very loyal, obviously, since I'm still living in TX!