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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More paints...

Don't get mad Jamie, but I've been painting more things that are not your picture of Venice. Sorry!

My principal has been asking me for about 6 months to paint two murals at my school. During school it sounded like too much work, but she agreed to help me with it if we worked on it this summer. Hooray! Unfortunately, she is no help, other than to point out what she wants different, but I do have another teacher friend to shoulder the workload and we surprisinly had a lot of fun today.

We planned yesterday and I got JoAnn's to give us a 20% discount on paint. We rummaged thru the art closet and found supplies, and even a bucket of blue house paint from a couple of years ago. (still good! being a packrat is paying off finally!)

Today we worked for about 4 hours (an hour of which was paint drying time) and ended up with this:

That's Sharon painting the big fish there. She helps me with Art Club and has become a really close friend at work over the past 3 years. Couldn't have done this without her!
Next week we are doing the other pole on the opposite side of the school with a outdoor/park scene. But how could it compare with this cutie?
See how much it brightens the drab hallway? I hate to admit it, but my principal was right...it's a great addition!


Elisa said...

It looks great! I could have used your artistic expertise this past weekend. I repainted a chair. The pain stuck, but that is about all I can say it. You're lucky to be talented enough to have your ideas come to fruition in a good way!

Elisa said...

P-a-i-n-t stuck. I think that is a sign of how I felt about it.