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Monday, February 05, 2007


Yeah, so it turns out that Jury Duty sucks. Who knew? Oh yeah, everyone!

I got summoned to jury duty for today and had high hopes of a quick dismissal. (After all, Joe was home by 11 when this happened to him in the fall AND no one wants someone on their jury with a public lawyer in their fam, like my bro in law Jerry is.) So after they called 17 groups to go to courts for questioning ahead of me, I was beginning to lose heart. At 11 they told us to go on break and at 11:30 the last court would let us know if we were needed. If not, we would be dismissed. SWEET! 11:30 came and went with no call from the court. Finally, at about 12:05 they called and said...send them to lunch, we'll call back at 1:30. What??? So all alone, I went to lunch, rescheduled my appointment at the bodyshop for my crushed car AND my rental car agreement stuff. Went back. 1:30 came and went. Then at almost 2:00 we found out they needed a jury. So they layed out all the questionaires and started calling us. Number 26...Bethany Varney. NOOOOOOO!!! Yeah, gets worse. Your court is blah blah blah. Your judge wants you to report at 8:45 TOMORROW. Yeah, have to go back TOMORROW! Can you believe that? I did nothing but sit and listen to other names get called and then get told, "Oh yeah, come back tomorrow and do this again." At least tomorrow I get paid $40 as opposed to today's $6. It's aggrevating. Especially when I have to find a sub and prepare stuff for one. So I went to school from there for an hour and now am finally home.

So to make this blog a little lighter than it has been thus far, I will post a little survey per Wendy K. Enjoy!

1. I’ve come to realize that my ex-(boyfriend) --- may be certifiably insane.
2. I am listening to --- Dreamgirls on Joe's ZUNE
3. I talk --- too fast to understand
4. I love --- surprises involving chocolate
5. My best friends --- never see me anymore...but still put forth good effort!
6. I lost --- my mind when I found out I have jury duty AGAIN tomorrow
7. I hate it when people --- laugh at something serious
8. Love is --- sacrifice
9. Marriage is --- bliss....most of the time :)
10. Somewhere, someone is thinking --- about Abraham Lincoln
11. I’ll always be --- goofy and giggley
12. I have a crush on --- Taye Diggs
13. The last time I cried was because --- I heard Effie sing "I'm telling You" in DreamGirls
14. My cell phone --- is getting replaced by a sweet KATANA tomorrow!
15. When I wake up in the morning --- I hit snooze at least twice
16. Before I go to sleep at night --- I kiss my husband
17. Right now I am thinking about --- not thinking about jury duty.
18. Babies are --- soon to be in the Varney picture....I hope!
19. I get on MySpace --- hardly ever...blogging is much better
20. Today I --- you already know this one!
21. Tonight I will --- work up at church on the Bible Hour closet
22. Tomorrow I will --- go to JURY DUTY!!!


Amanda said...

YES, Jury Duty SUCKS!! I sat in a court for 3 days about a year ago! I was really excited at first, then I sat there, and sat there, and sat some more!! YUCK!

The Best Family said...

you could just go off and have 4 children in a matter of 5 years and they let you off the hook for jury duty!! :-)